Peter Harris

2000 AD 15 (4 June 1977)

It’s another weak issue. Mike Dorey’s art is real lame on Invasion, but the writing’s worse. Finley-Day actually relies on a huge truck of acid to solve the problem. Flesh is weak too; Sola’s art is distressingly underwhelming. It might just be too rushed–all the art this issue is rushed in some way or another–dinosaurs […]


2000 AD 2 (5 March 1977)

Once again, Invasion is the best strip, M.A.C.H. 1 is the worst and Harlem Heroes is the strangest. Starting with Harlem… Gibbons’s art is better this time, but the future setting is poorly thought out (Harlem’s a bad neighborhood even after future retrofitting?). It’s not a traditional storyline though, which is nice. Flesh is a […]