Jesus Blasco

2000 AD 3 (12 March 1977)

Ramon Sola does the art on Flesh and all of a sudden it looks great. The dinosaurs, the landscapes, even the cowboys. All the strip needed was good art to make it palatable. Belardinelli handles the art on both Dan Dare and M.A.C.H. 1. He doesn’t do a good job on either, but Dare is […]


2000 AD 2 (5 March 1977)

Once again, Invasion is the best strip, M.A.C.H. 1 is the worst and Harlem Heroes is the strangest. Starting with Harlem… Gibbons’s art is better this time, but the future setting is poorly thought out (Harlem’s a bad neighborhood even after future retrofitting?). It’s not a traditional storyline though, which is nice. Flesh is a […]


2000 AD 1 (26 February 1977)

There’s definitely some weird stuff in the first issue of 2000 AD. Quite a bit of silly stuff too. Pat Mills wrote–either solo or with a partner–every story in the issue so the lack of creativity on some of the series might just be exhaustion. The first one, Invasion, is the strongest. Great art from […]