Becky Cloonan

Demeter (June 2013)

I can’t tell if Becky Cloonan drew Demeter digitally, but there’s definite some digital post-production on it. There are these panels where she’s showing what’s going on inside a house and has adjusted the transparency. It looks awful. Something about a black and white comic with overdone digital effects just grates. Otherwise, Demeter is an […]


Strange Tales 3 (January 2010)

And this indie rendition of Strange Tales goes whimpering into the night. Even Bertozzi’s Watcher intros have run out of steam and Bagge’s Hulk hits its greatest potential then falters. Sakai’s samurai Hulk story is filler and contrived to be Marvel related. Lewis’s Longshot story is lame and a little misogynistic. Oddly, Longshot looks like […]