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Strange Tales (2009) #3


And this indie rendition of Strange Tales goes whimpering into the night.

Even Bertozzi’s Watcher intros have run out of steam and Bagge’s Hulk hits its greatest potential then falters.

Sakai’s samurai Hulk story is filler and contrived to be Marvel related. Lewis’s Longshot story is lame and a little misogynistic. Oddly, Longshot looks like a girl.

Brown’s two page FF gag story is good. Stephens’s Beast vs. Morbius story’s lame, but somewhat inoffensively. Chua’s graffiti as narrative thing is unintelligible. Cannon’s Spider-Man origin retell is lame. Lee’s Punisher story suggests he needs a male role model.

Hornschemeier’s story is depressing, Cloonan’s goes for a quic joke and gets it….

Marvel should have required humor in all the stories; they’re not getting “real” stories out of these creators anyway so funny would be better.

They duped me into getting excited for this series with the first issue’s Pope cover.

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  1. They really ran out of material fast here. The first issue was promising but then went on a slow, continuous dive. Spot on about the writing, little to none, and at least you could reject a strip if it wasn’t funny. Instead of stretching it out, it would of worked so much better as a $4.99 big one shot. With the way this worked out, I think I would of liked mainstream guys doing indie stuff instead.

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