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Demeter (June 2013)

Comics demeterI can’t tell if Becky Cloonan drew Demeter digitally, but there’s definite some digital post-production on it. There are these panels where she’s showing what’s going on inside a house and has adjusted the transparency. It looks awful. Something about a black and white comic with overdone digital effects just grates.

Otherwise, Demeter is an okay little thing. It’s got a female protagonist, which is cool; it takes place on some seashore where the people live off the ocean. The woman has a dude suffering from amnesia–this detail’s unclear at the beginning and it reads like he’s a dope not an amnesiac. I get the dramatic purpose of delaying that revelation but it makes the first few pages awkward.

The ending’s ominous. Cloonan does a good job not fixating on the questions she’s raising.

But it’s too long for Cloonan’s ambitions; there aren’t any rewards for the reader.


Writer and artist, Becky Cloonan; publisher, ComiXology.

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