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Phonogram: The Singles Club (2008) #7


Gillen mildly redeems himself–not really, he avoided the most interesting characters in Singles Club and filled three issues with malarky, but somewhat–with an almost wordless issue featuring Kid-With-Knife, another supporting cast member from the first series. He ends up with the girl from the first issue, the one we’re not supposed to like.

Otherwise, the story is mostly just a silent street adventure. Kid-With-Knife is a superhero too, in addition to being Gillen’s only likable character. He saves these people from being mugged and leads the muggers on a chase.

It’s got a lot of nice art from McKelvie.

There are four backups this issue and they sort of ruin the high Gillen was on. All of them are pointless, none of them make a real impression of any kind.

Except maybe the Cloonan one… only because it’s a completely idiotic waste of time.

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