Peter Bagge

Strange Tales 3 (January 2010)

And this indie rendition of Strange Tales goes whimpering into the night. Even Bertozzi’s Watcher intros have run out of steam and Bagge’s Hulk hits its greatest potential then falters. Sakai’s samurai Hulk story is filler and contrived to be Marvel related. Lewis’s Longshot story is lame and a little misogynistic. Oddly, Longshot looks like […]


Strange Tales 2 (December 2009)

The second issue starts real strong with Bertozzi’s perv Watcher intro and then immediately drops. Tony Millionaire’s Iron Man manages to be a wee bit learned to be effective. Maybe I just don’t see Iron Man as ripe for humor, except maybe drunk jokes–regardless, grafting absurdism with Marvel heroes doesn’t work in the story. Johnson’s […]


Strange Tales 1 (November 2009)

I think Strange Tales is a bad title for this one (I know, it’s a traditional Marvel title), just because they aren’t strange tales, they’re funny ones. Wait, the Japanese one is strange (Spider-Man in a town of spider-people feeling inferior to Mary Jane). Anyway, the funniest is Nicholas Gurewitch’s one page Wolverine strip. He’s […]