Stan Sakai

Rocketeer Adventures 2 1 (March 2012)

The best story in this issue is Peter David and Bill Sienkiewicz spoofing “Merry Melodies” cartoons, featuring Daffy as the Ducketeer. The art’s great, the script’s funny; David knows how to pace the story right. It’s nice because it’s so subtle–obviously, there’d be pop culture about America’s only science hero. Stan Sakai’s story makes a […]


Strange Tales 3 (January 2010)

And this indie rendition of Strange Tales goes whimpering into the night. Even Bertozzi’s Watcher intros have run out of steam and Bagge’s Hulk hits its greatest potential then falters. Sakai’s samurai Hulk story is filler and contrived to be Marvel related. Lewis’s Longshot story is lame and a little misogynistic. Oddly, Longshot looks like […]