The Incredible Hulk 300 (October 1984)

I don’t think I’ve ever read such an overwritten comic book. Mantlo’s endless expository narration is, no pun intended, incredible. It’s not well-written narration–it does get better after a while, once he’s done introducing guest stars (I’m pretty sure he retcons out Daredevil getting doused in radioactive goo).

The story–if the issue has a story–is the Hulk going nuts and destroying New York City and everyone trying to stop him. It ends with Dr. Strange exiling him to live between worlds… or somewhere along those lines. It’s not an all action issue in the modern sense, since those read in four minutes at the most. With Mantlo’s narration, this issue is a time commitment.

Luckily, there’s Sal Buscema to pull it together. There’s occasional awkwardness in the art, but Buscema’s design–his panel composition–is wondrous. This comic book moves; with that narration, it has to.


Days of Rage!; writer, Bill Mantlo; penciller, Sal Buscema; inkers, Gerry Talaoc, Alan Kupperberg and Danny Bulanadi; colorist, Bob Sharen; letterers, Jim Novak and Janice Chiang; editors, Jim Massara and Carl Potts; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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