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Kill the Minotaur (2017) #5


Kill the Minotaur has run out of narrative momentum. Writers Pasetto and Cantamessa throw in at least three surprise reveals for the Athenians stuck in the Labyrinth and a few more for those outside it. The reveals spin up interest for a panel or two, page at most, before they become inert. The momentum is gone, at least for the story.

Ketner’s art is a different situation. Without the narrative doing anything, the book falls on Ketner and he delivers. Not when they try panel juxtaposition. There’s a few pages of it and it’s a complete flop. But everything else. The action, the energy, the expressions; Ketner makes it work. He doesn’t even make it look like he’s dragging Minotaur towards the finish line.

But he is the only one getting it there. Hopefully he make it all the way. One more issue.

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