Sal Buscema

The Immortal Iron Fist 4 (May 2007)

I expected more from the Buscema and Palmer pages. The art feels like they were supposed to be going retro instead of bringing a specific style. It’s sort of strange how much Brubaker and Fraction skip here. The issue starts with Orson and Danny being big buddies. Orson’s been showing him tricks, which we also […]


The Incredible Hulk 300 (October 1984)

I don’t think I’ve ever read such an overwritten comic book. Mantlo’s endless expository narration is, no pun intended, incredible. It’s not well-written narration–it does get better after a while, once he’s done introducing guest stars (I’m pretty sure he retcons out Daredevil getting doused in radioactive goo). The story–if the issue has a story–is […]