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The Guild (2010) #2


This issue ends… I don’t know if poorly is the right word.

Let me explain.

So our hero, Cyd–I find it interesting female comic book writers feel the same need to give their female protagonists “cool” names as the male ones do–is dating a closeted gay guy. He’s been lying to her while sleeping with someone they both work with. This other guy thinks he’s in a relationship with Cyd’s boyfriend… but I’m sure there will be some resolution next issue.

My problem is with Felecia Day.

The boyfriend is a complete jerk to the protagonist the entire issue. Once again, it’s completely unbelievable she’d date such a person… because Day doesn’t, not for one panel, make him a believable character. The video game characters are more real than this guy.

And if unreality being more real than reality is the point… Day’s doing a terrible job here.

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