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Hawkeye & Mockingbird (2010) #4


Nice surprise ending. McCann’s rather good at them. He’s also good incorporating the series into the Marvel Universe without a lot of guest stars. But the way he builds to the surprise ending is the nicest part. He takes his time, informing the reader there will be one, but doesn’t show his hand and then makes it pay off. Doesn’t happen in comics enough.

The issue opens like I predicted. Mockingbird realizes she’s being a psychopath and turns over control of the mission to Hawkeye, who forgives her and tells her he understands. There’s a full page kiss between the two of them. It’s where I noticed the Lopezes draw women better than men. Hawkeye just looks goofy on the page.

It’s a well-executed issue but the story is starting to get long here. It feels like with five more pages, this story arc could be over. It’s dragging.

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