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The Guild (2010) #3


I’m glad I spent 150 words talking about the gay boyfriend last issue because this issue we find out he’s not really gay, he’s just an omni-sexual egomaniac.

It’s so much less interesting… because all Day does now is revert the relationship back to the first issue. Third issue, but the keyword is reversion.

This issue also features the most computer game visuals and stories and so on. It gets boring as the issue’s primary story becomes the protagonist and her gaming friends trying for a tournament (on the game). I have terrible visions of when the sports film genre disappears and it’s all about people on a tough “World of Warcraft” quest.

While I enjoyed The Guild–especially Rugg’s “reality” panels–it’s a story about a woman who won’t take responsibility for herself, by a writer who won’t take responsibility for her writing.

It’s pretending to be thoughtful.

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  1. While I agree that Felicia wasn’t the most multi faceted of protagonists, I know of quite a few people that are like her. The fact that the gaming sequences became more interesting in her life than her actual life I felt was a testimony to her sad situation. I think I had more patience with her than you, mostly because I view gamers on this level as a symptom of society’s greater aversion to reality than ever before. Besides, check out the webisodes. She’s a cutie, and now you know the real reason behind her popularity besides sympathy. We’ll argue more about this later.

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