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Sicko (2013, Vincent Gallagher and Luke Adey)

Directors Gallagher and Adey want to make sure their audience knows to be disgusted with Sicko. Sadly, they wait until the end credits to reveal the sicko in question, played by Tom Grimley, is called Sicko. I think the audience is supposed to be disgusted at the human condition and pornography and urban isolationism.


Based on how long Gallagher and Adey make Grimley punch at the camera (he’s killing prostitute Imogen Stubbs), maybe it’s supposed to be farce. Stubbs walks around through empty parking lots and vacant lots… maybe Sicko is supposed to be making fun of the idea of doing a short movie called Sicko.

About the only place the film works is with the presentation. It’s murky, ugly video. Watching it makes one unhappy–and then even more unhappy when the lack of creativity becomes obvious–but it’s definitely a nasty looking film.

It’s just painfully desperate.

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