Felicia Day

The Guild 3 (May 2010)

I’m glad I spent 150 words talking about the gay boyfriend last issue because this issue we find out he’s not really gay, he’s just an omni-sexual egomaniac. It’s so much less interesting… because all Day does now is revert the relationship back to the first issue. Third issue, but the keyword is reversion. This […]


The Guild 2 (April 2010)

This issue ends… I don’t know if poorly is the right word. Let me explain. So our hero, Cyd–I find it interesting female comic book writers feel the same need to give their female protagonists “cool” names as the male ones do–is dating a closeted gay guy. He’s been lying to her while sleeping with […]


The Guild 1 (March 2010)

I have a hard time believing the set-up. I like the book, but the main character doesn’t seem particularly realistic. She’s incredibly self-aware, self-aware and engaging enough to basically carry the book as a passive protagonist (she does buy a video game), so it’s inexplicable she’s with her lame boyfriend. Yes, he is a would […]