The Guild (2010) #1


I have a hard time believing the set-up. I like the book, but the main character doesn’t seem particularly realistic. She’s incredibly self-aware, self-aware and engaging enough to basically carry the book as a passive protagonist (she does buy a video game), so it’s inexplicable she’s with her lame boyfriend.

Yes, he is a would be rock star, but she’s known him since he wasn’t and she’s a trained musician of some quality. I don’t actually have any problem with her being with a jackass, but I do have a problem with her being seemingly unaware of that condition. Especially taking into account her family support system is strong enough she, a woman in her early to mid twenties, goes to therapy at her father’s request.

That long-winded complaint aside, I do like the book quite a bit.

The writing is witty and sensitive and willing to mock for emphasis.

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