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The Ultimates (2002) #2


My favorite thing about Mark Millar, now and forever, will be him thinking Oregon is a city with a downtown. Just the man who should be writing American characters….

Actually, Millar’s geographic ignorance aside (Ultimates will be, I think, forever dated with its Dubya references), the second issue’s a lot of fun. He introduces all the characters and makes them all rather engaging–demonizing Bruce Banner a little bit, the only character Hitch doesn’t draw good-looking.

It’s fun watching Hank and Janet together (shame it goes so south so soon, but mainstream comics rarely have engaging couples… you’d think someone would have seen The Thin Man) and Tony and Nick act like a couple teenagers.

Millar’s usual bombasm and moronic plotting aside, he really does have talent and this issue showcases it. He knows how to make the reader engage in the material.

Pity he does it so rarely.

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