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The Saga of the Swamp Thing 28 (September 1984)

When I started rereading Moore’s Swamp Thing, I became worried every other issue I would proclaim it the best issue of Swamp Thing ever. If I were reading it at the time, it might be acceptable… but twenty years later not so much.

This issue concerns Swamp Thing dealing with the ghost of Alec Holland.

Likely not a real ghost, but a literary one. Moore understands how to use ghosts in a fine literary sense. Moore’s writing mixes his very modern, very considered dialogue for Abby (she usually does most of the talking when hanging out with Swamp Thing) and this tragic adventure for Swamp Thing. Moore infuses the comic with the emotional weight Swamp Thing is under, making a (literally) completely inhuman character infinitely sympathetic.

As for Shawn McManus’s guest art… it’s like Will Eisner drew a Swamp Thing comic. Not just the style, but the emotion.

It’s magnificent.

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