The Ultimates 3 (May 2002)

Lots of this issue is really good. The Captain America going to see Bucky stuff, all great. Brings a tear to my eye. Like Millar watched Fields of Dreams to prep for that one. Then the scene in the cemetery, where it’s like he watched Aliens to go over the dead family.

It’s too bad the ending is a huge stinker. The Captain America shot on the last page is weak and the whole lead-in with the media event is weak. Even Dubya shows up to make things even stupider (and more dated).

Where Millar goes wrong is letting the issue get away from Captain America, turning him into something to be regarded instead of the principal.

There’s some nice other character moments, but lots of foreshadowing too… Janet makes a comment about she and Hank’s marriage and then Banner’s got Hulk envy going.

It’s passable, I suppose, overall.


21st Century Boy; writer, Mark Millar; penciller, Bryan Hitch; inker, Andrew Currie; colorist, Paul Mounts; letterer, Chris Eliopoulos; editors, Brian Smith and Ralph Macchio; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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