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The Ultimates (2002) #1


I forgot how fast these Ultimates comics read. Millar doesn’t seem to recognize a difference between ending with the reader wanting more and ending with the reader feeling ripped off.

This issue’s basically a prologue. It’s a visual rip-off of Saving Private Ryan‘s opening with Captain America added.

What’s so funny on Millar’s take on the World War II era Cap is how, reading this series after Brubaker’s done his revisionist thing, Millar seems quaint and forced. His ideas are unimaginative and derivative and barely there.

I guess Hitch’s artwork is good. It’s all very realistic–does Hitch photo-reference? Probably… Millar likes him–but it’s never exciting. Captain America’s not the biggest jerk in the comic, instead there’s a lame “regular guy” who’s a big jerk. I think he gets his comeuppance and dies.

It’s a pretty weak first issue… certainly doesn’t make me want to read more.

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