Spider-Woman (1978) #3


At least Spider-Woman’s stalker doesn’t show up in this issue.

It’s kind of sad how phoned-in Infantino’s artwork is on this series. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do Marvel before and he’s just completely disinterested. Some of his subsequent DC work is a lot better, so it’s not like he couldn’t do the work; he just didn’t care.

I don’t blame him, of course, Spider-Woman might be the worst executed ongoing series I’ve read from this era. Spider-Woman isn’t likable, her supporting cast consists of a stalker and an ancient magician who’ll probably turn out to be Merlin, and her bad guys are lame. Wolfman’s villain dialogue here is just atrocious.

Worse, Wolfman can’t stop with Spider-Woman’s thought balloons about having “the blood of a spider” in her veins–she’s half-woman, half-spider! Wouldn’t she have four legs then? It’s complete nonsense.