Spider-Woman (2009) #3

Sw09 3

Really, I’m supposed to think Jessica is going to torture a pathetic, already tortured Skrull? Come on. If anything, Bendis has shown she doesn’t have any initiative. If she weren’t so damned passive, she wouldn’t be an agent of SWORD and the comic would probably have a much better first arc.

Speaking of better stories and better writing, why does Bendis think a crappy dialogue exchange is a good talking head book? I remember the great Bendis talking head issues and this one isn’t even a pale imitation, it’s not even a rote one. It’s like if Jeph Loeb or someone as awful as Jeph Loeb were trying to do a talking head issue.

I mean, why’s Bendis got all the stupid action going on? His best talking head issues don’t juxtapose. It’s because he knows, he’s got to know, he’s writing crap here.

It’s embarrassing.

Still, the art’s beautiful.