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Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #31


Big issue. Well, not really.

Well… sort of.

It’s one of those times Bendis lets the pacing get away from him and he ends up spending too little time on something important because he’s got to have the payoff scene.

Captain Stacy dies this issue, the Wasp guest stars and… wait, no. Those two events cover it. I mean, there’s Peter, Mary and Gwen walking and talking and there’s some more talking later. Oh, and Ben Urich investigates a little (it’s the Spider-Man impostor… who speaks Spanish).

Bendis has this character talk about assuming Spider-Man was white being a racist assumption. Umm, if the good Spider-Man is white and the bad one is….


Bendis had been turning in a lot of good issues and this one isn’t bad so much as too fast for its own good. He races to the cliffhanger, dragging the reader along.

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