Alpha Flight 28 (November 1985)

You know, Alpha Flight? Not bad. I’m always somewhat loathe to compliment John Byrne (he draws Guardian’s wife like a whore, by the way, there’s something about redheaded white Canadians in boots and glasses, makes them look like whores), but he manages a team book pretty well. I had some trouble keeping up (did Marvel market Alpha Flight to U.S. readers or was it just their Canadian book?), but managed.

The ending’s dumb (the Hulk shows up from another dimension), but until then, it’s decent.

The opening, featuring the defeat of the Omega Flight (they’re the bad guys) by some guy from Gamma Flight, is solid too. Byrne’s art’s not, but his writing’s okay here. It’s a long scene with some good fighting and some good banter between the bad guys and the good guy (from Gamma Flight) out to stop them.

Goofy Beyonder cameo, but Byrne draws him well.


Cross-Over;writer and penciller, John Byrne; inkers, Byrne and Keith Williams; colorist, Andy Yanchus; letterer, Rick Parker; editors, Don Daley and Denny O’Neil; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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