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Clown Fatale 1 (November 2013)

289262 20131117035312 largeI sort of didn’t want to like Clown Fatale. It’s about four female clowns in a lame circus–where the circus owners moonlight as assassins. Given the Fatale in the title, I should have guessed they were sexy clowns. I didn’t, but they are sexy clowns. I’m not sure if Victor Gischler came up with this genre or if there are other examples….

Oh, they’re also kick-ass sexy clowns.

There are four of them; the lead, the two vaguely nondescript ones (except their race) and the psycho one. Gischler writes them some funny dialogue and he keeps the conversations going between four or five characters rather well. He never lets things go too long.

Maurizio Rosenzweig does okay on the art. When things are too static, not so much. Except his static cheesecake, he works at those panels. But both the action and humor are good.

Clown’s unexpectedly amusing.


Writer, Victor Gischler; penciller, Maurizio Rosenzweig; inker and colorist, Moreno Dinisio; letterer, Nate Piekos; editors, Shantel LaRocque and Daniel Chabon; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

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  1. Vernon wiley

    For me the comparison to The new Dark Horse book “Grindhouse” is apt. While that title fails miserably to convey a homage to its inspiration, Clown Fatale accomplishes this without even trying to. A much creepier, more subliminal accomplishment is perpetrated here. A fun read, yet a guilty pleasure for sure.

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