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Strange Tales (2009) #1


I think Strange Tales is a bad title for this one (I know, it’s a traditional Marvel title), just because they aren’t strange tales, they’re funny ones.

Wait, the Japanese one is strange (Spider-Man in a town of spider-people feeling inferior to Mary Jane).

Anyway, the funniest is Nicholas Gurewitch’s one page Wolverine strip. He’s got an amusing Hulk one too, but the Wolverine one is just awesome.

There’s some great art–the Paul Pope Inhumans tale is cuter, in narrative terms, than funny, but it’s just some amazing work from Pope (big shocker there).

Dash Shaw’s Dr. Strange story’s good, as is Johnny Ryan’s series of absurd Marvel jokes.

The Bagge Hulk story’s all right but nothing … incredible.

The strangest story might be Bertozzi’s somewhat touching romantic Modok story.

It’s a great anthology, just wish it wasn’t a limited series. Marvel needs to laugh at itself more.

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