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Strange Tales (2009) #2


The second issue starts real strong with Bertozzi’s perv Watcher intro and then immediately drops. Tony Millionaire’s Iron Man manages to be a wee bit learned to be effective. Maybe I just don’t see Iron Man as ripe for humor, except maybe drunk jokes–regardless, grafting absurdism with Marvel heroes doesn’t work in the story.

Johnson’s Fantastic Four story is well-illustrated but incredibly lame (Johnson basically tries to come up with every awkward blind joke he can). Not sure if it’s disappointing, but it helps set the tone for the issue (one of failure).

The Brother Voodoo thing’s lame.

Then there’s the fantastic Vasquez M.O.D.O.K. story and some good FF stuff (lots of FF stuff this issue). Chabot’s FF is the strongest thing this issue overall.

Again, the Bagge Hulk disappoints. The Kindt Black Widow is pointless.

There’s some nice artwork here, nothing slacking, but the writing doesn’t match.

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