Joe Infurnari

The Bunker 4 (6 November 2013)

This issue reads distressingly fast. Without even establishing the character he’s focusing on, Fialkov skips to the future. He might just open in the future. He definitely doesn’t establish the letter from the future angle well enough. Something about how he’s telling the story, it just doesn’t seem like a letter. Maybe because every couple […]


The Bunker 3 (2 October 2013)

In this issue, Fialkov gives the first sustained look at life in the post-apocalyptic world the main cast creates. There’s not a lot, mostly because Fialkov wants to keep a big reveal (but it’s not really important so far) for the last scene. So there are bits and pieces and Infurnari does something really cool […]


The Bunker 1 (4 August 2013)

Where to start with The Bunker. First, I guess Joe Infurnari’s art. It’s a really neat mix of comedic and post-apocalyptic. Wonderful ink washes. And Infurnari really uses the “widescreen” format well (it’s a digital exclusive so he’s drawing for tablet proportions). Joshua Hale Fialkov tends to overwrite the issue. He uses a letter (from […]