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The Gravediggers Union (2017) #1

The Gravediggers Union (2017) #1

The back matter of Gravediggers Union has writer and opening artist Wes Craig excited about having Toby Cypress drawing the comic. It is exciting to have Cypress drawing the comic and whatnot, but Craig’s too excited. Is Cypress drawing the book the only reason to read it?

I mean, is Cypress to that level of artist yet?

But I’m getting dreary early because Gravediggers is perfectly fine, writing-wise. It’s about union members (of the Gravediggers Union) having to fight zombies and evil supernatural forces. Like, it’s their job. It’s sort of funny. Funny enough.

Because the book does have some great Cypress art. He does the talking heads really well too, playing up the humor through exaggeration and implication. He’s a perfect fit for Craig’s script, because he can just as easily do the supernatural action.

So it’s off to a good start. Hopefully Cypress doesn’t end up keeping it afloat. It’d be nice for Craig to succeed too.

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