The Bunker 4 (6 November 2013)

SUB003450This issue reads distressingly fast. Without even establishing the character he’s focusing on, Fialkov skips to the future. He might just open in the future. He definitely doesn’t establish the letter from the future angle well enough. Something about how he’s telling the story, it just doesn’t seem like a letter. Maybe because every couple pages he’s jumping a year into the future.

The future stuff is vaguely interesting, but it’s all exposition. Fialkov hasn’t actually moved the story ahead–in its present action–from the previous issue. Maybe previous two. They’re all tied together, which would be awesome if he sold it to television, but in print he’s just dragging things out.

He’s also weak in his character relationships. None of these people are believable as friends. He doesn’t write them with any history.

It’s still an okay read, with nice art, but it’s crumbling only four issues in.


Growth; writer, Joshua Hale Fialkov; artist, Joe Infurnari; publisher, Hoarse and Buggy Productions.

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