Legion of Super-Heroes

Legion of Super-Heroes 3 (January 2012)

This issue resolves way too cute. Levitz sets up a complicated, timed ending and then doesn’t deliver. The issue doesn’t even have a cliffhanger… it just has a happy, wink wink ending about Brainiac having to give Mon-El a compliment. It’s too passive; it’s almost like a Saturday morning cartoon. Otherwise, the issue is often […]


Legion Lost 3 (January 2012)

Nicieza keeps going with the Timber Wolf narration. Sure, he’s the only character doing much for this issue, but it doesn’t excuse the lousy narration. I wish third person exposition hadn’t gone out of style in mainstream comics. Writers were much better at it. Otherwise, this inoffensive series continues to be inoffensive. Nicieza doesn’t concentrate […]