Joe Staton

The Maze Agency Special 1 (1990)

It’s a busy day for Gabe and Jennifer in this Special issue. What makes it special–besides the three interconnected stories, the reprint of Barr’s ashcan for Maze Agency and the extra pages–is the art. Each story has incredibly different artwork. The first has Joe Staton (inked by Rick Magyar). Shockingly, it works out well. His […]


The Maze Agency 6 (May 1989)

Joe Staton, wow. Odd body shapes, oddly shaped faces, visual oddities abound. About the only place Staton didn’t do something strange is on location. They aren’t the best street scenes, but they’re better than the rest. Oh, and hands. The hand close-ups are fine. Most of the rest is painful. It’s Gabe’s birthday–to get to […]