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Secret Wars II (1985) #9


Yay, it’s finally over.

I have no idea what happens in this issue except a bunch of superheroes hang out in the Rocky Mountains, fight the Beyonder, talk a lot, and look sad at the end.

Shooter appears–he doesn’t even reveal what the Beyonder’s final plan was going to be–to be aping 2010 (the movie) and a little of 2001 (the movie), only set in the Marvel Universe. There’s even this strange set-up for the New Universe, but I guess Marvel never directly said it was a result of this series.

The art’s really bad, from the layouts to the close-ups. No one could have thought this issue looked good–when all the heroes group together, it’s just lame. They’re moping around, not active.

The Beyonder does a video diary at one point, which makes absolutely no sense. Shooter also writes him some really stupid monologues.

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