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Birthright (2014) #7

Birthright  7

Well, Williamson turns in another fine issue of Birthright. I just wish they were all either this fine or I’d even take it a little less fine. Just so it’d be a steady read, because I don’t like feeling iffy on a series.

The story is good, he just doesn’t always tell it the same way. He misses out on where the story works–the characters’ relationships. He’s treating that aspect of the story as the McGuffin, when it’s really the other thing. This issue seems like he’s figured it out.

It’s like he realized he could only cry wolf so many times and he’s finally gotten over it.

There’s some good character development and some amusing scenes. Birthright always feels a little too fast a read, but Williamson gets a bunch of stuff done. Bressan’s good on the art, as always. Even gets to do some superhero-like stuff.

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