A scene from PREDATOR: DARK AGES, directed by James Bushe.

Predator: Dark Ages (2015, James Bushe)

Predator: Dark Ages is a fan film, simultaneously amazing, appropriately bad and inappropriately bad. It’s bad because director Bushe’s script borrows its structure and dialogue from the original Predator movie. Only he’s got Knights Templar saying the lines. It’s goofy. It could be funny goofy, but it’s not because otherwise Bushe handles Dark Ages completely straight-faced. It’s not a commentary on eighties action movie silliness.

And maybe once or twice mimicking a line from the original would be funny, but Bushe does it over and over again. It’s very messy.

But it’s also awesome. Bushe is a fantastic director. The medieval knights and the Predator? The visuals really work out. It mixes two expectations, two genres, beautifully. Bushe keeps it moving along too. His scenes are wonderfully cut (except the strange action movie one liners). Great photography from Simon Rowling.

Dark Ages is an excellent, unintentionally bad action movie.

3/3Highly Recommended


Written and directed by James Bushe; director of photography, Simon Rowling; edited by Bushe and Dragos Teglas; produced by Bushe, Tim Clayton, Ben Loyd-Holmes, Lucinda Rhodes and Rowling.

Starring Adrian Bouchet (Thomas), Amed Hashimi (Sied), Sabine Crossen (Freya), Ben Loyd-Holmes (Damien), Jon Campling (Richard), Joe Egan (Godfrey), Bryan Hands (Brother Joseph) and Philip Lane (The Predator).


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