Nowhere Men 3 (January 2013)

899647Okay, yeah, it’s the Fantastic Twelve or whatever. The giant scan man has just turned out to be the Thing. You know what I mean.

Stephenson introduces even more characters this issue–so, third issue, he’s introduced about twenty-five characters total. More if you count the hippie versions of the bad guys from The Road Warrior–Bellegarde does fine with the sterile scientific stuff, but his wigged out designs are just terrible.

He doesn’t use all the characters though, only the interesting ones. Apparently the reader isn’t supposed to worry about the boring ones.

It’s the best issue so far, but since Stephenson has done so little to define the series’s theme–it’s about twenty-five people who all want different things–it just seems tangled.

Whether or not it’s worth unwrapping is still up in the air. Stephenson doesn’t plot dramatically or memorably. It’s too soon to tell.


Writer, Eric Stephenson; artist, Nate Bellegarde; colorist, Jordie Bellaire; letterer, Fonografiks; publisher, Image Comics.

One Comment

  1. vernon wiley

    Good point. I myself enjoy the onion skin layer schemed plot, but it still has to add up to something. Keeping the faith.

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