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Nightbreed 1 (May 2014)

Nightbreed #1What just happened here? In this comic book running approximately twenty-two pages? Nothing, not a dang thing. Unless a couple unsubstantial characters are actually going to be the protagonists of the comic, which seems difficult since they seem to be living in different time periods.

There's an escaped slave who gets turned into one of the Nightbreed–oh, I forgot, Nightbreed is another Boom! Clive Barker licensed title. It's got the built-in <u>Fangoria</u> audience, which may explain the art. Piotr Kowalski does a good job. He doesn't have a lot of interesting things to draw, but he excels at them.

Anyway, this girl gets turned into an evolved monster before her part of the issue wraps up. Meanwhile, a senator who frequents a Nightbreed prostitute.

How are these two things connected? Who cares.

Writer Marc Andreyko actually does bring some tone, just no gravitas.

Who needs another licensed comic anyway….



Writer, Marc Andreyko; artist, Piotr Kowalski; publisher, Boom! Studios.

2 responses to “Nightbreed 1 (May 2014)”

  1. “How are these two things connected?”

    Well, those two creatures – Peloquin and Shuna Sassi (the porcupine prostitute) – are a couple in the 1990 movie. Perhaps next issue will show how these two get together…

    1. That makes a little more sense. The series is supposed to be accessible to people who haven’t seen the movie. They fail on that front.

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