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Tom Strong (1999) #4


It’s the first two-parter (or multi-part, I have no idea) story. I sort of figured Moore would do Tom Strong as done-in-ones, just because it fits. Though he does get to a good hard cliffhanger–I’m going to start using the terms hard and soft cliffhanger, sort of like hard sci-fi–I just wish I hadn’t been expecting a wrap-up.

I shouldn’t have been. There’s a flashback story in here–unfortunately with art from Art Adams–and so there wouldn’t be enough space.

Moore also changes up what he did last issue in terms of narration. There’s no first-person Tom Strong narration here. It’s mostly just a good action issue, with the flashback providing the drama–Moore’s dialogue’s strong and the Sprouse art is great. But it’s not thoughtful.

Though Moore does get around to talking about the race thing.

Still, it’s fine.

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