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The Unwritten (2009) #22


It’s sort of an action issue. I think it’s got to be the fastest read so far in Unwritten’s issues, maybe because Carey doesn’t do much with any of the subplots.

Tom calls the Monster (the Frankenstein Monster), who’s sort of his guide when he needs one, and figures a way out of the mess he made of Moby-Dick. He moves through a couple more stories before he gets the this issue’s soft cliffhanger, which is an amusing one.

Carey’s still moving through unfamiliar territory, but he’s starting to use more familiar faces. Gross and Locke give the book a different feel for each of the landscapes Tom visits. Not strikingly different, but distinct from one another.

Lizzie and Savoy, on the other hand, have a nonstarter with the doll maker lady. Though I’m wondering if it’s a doll man, not a doll lady. No one’s clear on it.

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