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The Unwritten (2009) #23


Carey brings the arc into port—sorry, couldn’t resist—and ends on a profound moment. Well, sort of.

Tom learns the source of his power and, since it makes so much sense, it’s not surprising. Carey and Gross don’t go crazy visualizing it, showing admirable restraint.

The real thing comes on the final page though, when it’s a flashback to Wilson explaining how fiction works to a young Tom. That moment, combined with the previous revelation, brings a lot more into question. Some of these questions are ones Moore raised with Promethea. He never could make the answers wholly satisfying, because the questions are asked somewhat passively. Hopefully Carey will be able to find a way around that roadblock.

There’s no Lizzie or Savoy this issue. Instead, it’s just Tom and his literary sidekicks, for better or worse.

They get a little tiring, but the ending makes up for them.

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