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The Unwritten (2009) #21


Carey more than makes up for the previous issue’s weak cliffhanger with this one’s sublime one. The issue, with Tom trying to deal with being stuck in Moby-Dick while Lizzie breaks some bad news to him and he can’t seem to figure out what his father’s doing there.

Meanwhile, Lizzie and Savoy meet up with the villain doll lady, who’s like a Ennis villain in a Carey book.

If the issue has any problems, it’s with the disconnect between the two periods. The Moby-Dick sequences are sort of transcendent, while the “reality” stuff is so ordinary. It doesn’t matter if Savoy’s a vampire or if the doll lady uses creative means to torture… there’s no wonderment there. It’s hard to get wonderment in a comic book, but Carey and Gross and Locke get it going for Tom’s pages.

It makes Carey coast over the “real” stuff a little.

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