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Phonogram: The Singles Club (2008) #1


The issue has three stories in it. The most successful is the two-page one, illustrated by Ellerby. It’s just a little, amusing strip… but it manages not to have the problems the others do.

The second back-up should be a blog post discussing the casual misogyny of indie music, using a suffering woman as an easily effective subject. Gillen needs to get himself that  blog instead of trying to turn it into a narrative. McCubbin’s art isn’t bad though.

The feature–with McKelvie in color and he looks great in color–has problems of its own. It’s all about some self-centered girl realizing she shouldn’t be so self-centered, she realizes it after her friends and acquaintances are mean to her. The problem is Gillen doesn’t write any likable characters so asking the reader to dislike his protagonist is problematic.

The art makes up for it though.

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