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Conan the Barbarian (1970) #12


Conan has another dalliance, this time as consort to a queen. It doesn’t turn out so well for him—well, he gets in trouble because of her fetching handmaid as well. At least in the queen’s perspective. To Conan, he’s getting weary of women.

The sex is so obvious, I was a little surprised to see the Comics Code on the cover.

Thomas gets in a first and second act here, not much of a third one. There’s an organic feel to the plotting though—it’s very nice how he passes two weeks in brief narration.

The ending is Conan and the handmaid against the queen’s pet monster. Windsor-Smith does an excellent job of the action, using pages full of small panels to convey the scene.

The backup is a story of a knight’s machinations to marry the king’s daughter. Great art from Kane. Thomas paces it poorly though.

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