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Phonogram: The Singles Club (2008) #2


Oh, wait, the girl from the first issue isn’t really that terrible and didn’t deserve to be treated so meanly?

Gillen is apparently doing a night at the club from everyone’s perspective, so this issue we get to see how some other guy spent the night. Basically, it was him being depressed over some foreign exchange student who is now gone (either dead or just gone back to Helsinki).

It’s maybe Gillen’s best writing of a character just because he’s not going out of his way to make the guy as annoying or unlikable as possible. He’s just a guy.

Some more great art from McKelvie. It really brings an added dimension to it, since in black and white he’s frequently sparse because of the graphic design approach.

The backups here are filler.

Vieceli’s has some beautiful artwork and succeeds.

Heard’s art is fine in other, there’s just no story.

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