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The Decelerators (2012, Mark Slutsky)

A scene from THE DECELERATORS, directed by Mark Slutsky.

I was tempted to start with a joke-something about how The Decelerators is an incredibly profound short film about the human condition, going on about it facetiously for a paragraph, then revealing the film is not actually incredibly profound and I was making a joke.

The film is sort of “a potential film,” like director Slutsky is trying to get investors to expand the film into a feature. There’s no dialogue, just narration from unnamed characters who are onscreen acting glimpses of scenes. The uncredited editor-Slutsky perhaps-does a fantastic job and the music from CFCF is perfect. It’s just not profound.

Having multiple earnest voice actors read the lines, the film nearly convinces one to suspend his or her disbelief. But the narration doesn’t consistently flow and Slutsky’s insincerity becomes clear. Never does the short feel ambitious or excited.

Great photography from Bobby Shore too.

But… meh.

1/3Not Recommended


Written and directed by Mark Slutsky; director of photography, Bobby Shore; music by CFCF.


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