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Green Hornet (2010) #7


Smith does a little bit more with this issue. He at least brings in the bigger storyline with the bickering father and son Japanese supervillains. Smith’s very obviously influenced by the Burton Batman movies here in terms of plot. Regardless of what problems the two have, Smith’s cast his Britt Reid into Burton’s Bruce Wayne’s movie adventures. This issue’s party mimics Batman Returns‘s to a certain degree and the whole thing just feels like Batman with a different costume.

Again, a lack of character development for Mulan this issue. It’s seemingly inevitable she and Britt will get romantically involved, but perhaps Smith isn’t going for the eventuality… as he’s not doing any prep work for it.

The arc (it’s ongoing, right?) should be wrapping up, but Smith hasn’t done much with the story in terms of epical drama. Britt’s change is too forced (and abbreviated).

Still, it’s a readable curiosity.

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