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Green Hornet (2010) #8


Smith requires the reader to forget everything he or she has learned about Kato in the previous seven issues and assume he’s an idiot. He’s an idiot and he gets killed because he acts like an idiot, not a genius strategist.

The entire issue is something of a wash. For example, the corrupt mayor who gets Britt Sr. killed gets killed immediately after being revealed, saving any morally dubious outcome. Then there’s the way Smith paces the action scenes. The first one resolves the last issue’s cliffhanger and rolls into the second action scene, which rolls into the cliffhanger.

Since it’s based on a screenplay, it’s Smith revving up for the third act. He’s been having these adaptation problems since the first issue, so it’s not really a surprise.

It’s sort of unfortunate though. Smith’s dialogue and the general likability of Britt (young Tony Stark grows up) have garnered sympathy.

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