Green Hornet (2010) #6


Smith’s doing the movie montage in full effect this issue. He’s even got a wacky sidekick for the Green Hornet–a white guy who acts Chinese. I think it’s supposed to be hilarious.

Smith frames the issue around Britt’s training, his first crime fighting efforts and his costume.

There’s some bickering with Mulan too (it’s not really right to call her Kato since the comic’s full of Katos–how Smith is avoiding a Kaelin is beyond me).

The issue lacks narrative drive. Smith doesn’t bring the Japanese supervillains back into this issue, so it’s just the Green Hornet and Kato taking out random criminals. I know Smith’s goal is to show the reader how much Britt is changing… but he’s doing movie montage. This issue should have taken up five or six pages, not an twenty-some.

It’s not like the characters have any charm, so why read about them?

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