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Batman Confidential (2007) #42


So Kieth takes away the blindness real quick.

Are all Batman Confidential stories Bruce Wayne? Because Dick might have been a better Batman for this story. Kieth really likes his self-depreciating blind social worker and, while he does write her like he writes most of the other Kieth girls, she is likable (if one forgets he or she is reading a painfully mediocre comic).

So… the big problem with her? She’s got no chance with Batman. No one has a chance with Batman. So her liking Batman just makes her seem desperate and sad, which the character isn’t supposed to be, regardless of her self-depreciating remarks well she’s trying not to flirt with Batman.

Still, it is not entirely Kieth’s fault, only somewhat–I mean, if Batman can’t get horizontal with a female romantic interest, why’s the character at all interesting–he ought to be called Bat-eunuch.

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